Winter is Coming!

We are leaving the hots of Summer and trading them for the coolness of Fall, but that means that Winter is just on the horizon. So what does that mean? If you are  like me you are switching out your shorts and tank tops for jeans, boots and sweaters. It is now becoming soup and chili weather with lots of other comfort foods. As we are preparing ourselves for the cold temps that are coming, don’t forget about your 4 legged friends. I am talking about both your horses and your dogs. 

Your horses, like ours, have been showing up till now, so their coats are thin still. They still have their summer coats. So not only are my show horses getting their jammies, sheets and blankets,  for the winter my outdoor horses need to get prepared for the cold months ahead. My retirement group, aka outdoor horses, have a run in and stalls for those below 0 temps. They would much rather be outside. So now is the time that I am evaluating them. Are they carrying enough fat to help insulate them? Are they starting to grow their winter coats? Are they drinking an ample amount of water? Overall do they look healthy? There are many things that can help them get ready that do not include increasing their grain intake. The dac oil is a top dressing that can be added to what grain is being fed. Dac oil has all those good oils in it, from fish oil to canola oil and many more. This puts a nice layer of fat on a horse when fed as instructions say. This is an easy way to prep your horse to help stay warm. Another supplement is Dac DDA. This is a great way to get more bang for your buck. DDA helps to slow the feed down in the hind gut so that more nutrients are absorbed. Meaning you don’t have to feed more to gain better results. Your horse is utilizing its feed better and more efficiently. By starting these now your horse will see the benefits once it gets cold.

Now lets talk about our canine friends. If yours are like me, mine stay in the barn during the day and are in the house at night. So they are going in  and out of the cold weather. This is especially hard on their joints. So I give my dogs 2 supplements, which they think are treats! One being Dac 5 in 1. This is an all around supplement. It has Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, immune and joint support. I also give them Flex, I have a 9 year old Aussie who without it is super stiff when getting up. The flex does wonders for her mobility, she is like a puppy when playing! We all know the cold causes irritated joints to hurt and flex quiets that irritation and helps to lubricate those joints. 

As always any questions about Dac Supplements please contact us!

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